To create commercial movies with an artistic appeal. Audience satisfaction is our highest priority.


To become one of the most important and profitable independent Latin Film production Companies, “Making a difference in Independent Latin Cinema”.


  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Ethics
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Creativity
  • Talent


Guide each of our projects through successful development, production and distribution. Having a financial and creative discipline that guarantees an “investment return” for our financing participants.


Launched in 2006 as DMM FILMS. We are a young and artistic team and most of us graduated from film schools in Cuba, Barcelona and Mexico. We are committed to working very hard to make a difference in Independent Mexican Cinema. We have developed a mass production machine, something rare in the Latin Film Industry.

We have produced 24 movies for the Latin Home Video Market and one Theatrical Release, “Victorio”, which stars six major Mexican actors.

Organization Chart

Dmm Films

Joel Núñez, Executive Producer

Joel Núñez was born in Cuba. He worked as an actor for more than ten years, with many leading roles in films, television and theater. After receiving a Graduate Degree in Arts he flew to Mexico where he co-starred in seven soap operas, that aired internationally, produced by Televisa and Univision Networks.

The last feature he starred in was “Finally the Sea”. The film was named Official Selection in more than a dozen International Film Festivals, winning four awards and receiving excellent critical reviews.

In 2004, redirecting his skills and passion for Latin films he became the Director of Marketing and Acquisitions for Desert Mountain Media, a Latin film distribution company. During his tenure there he revamped the entire image of the company and sales increased significantly.

In 2006 he founded DMM FILMS, which has produced twenty five films to date, twenty four for the Latin Home Video Market and one Theatrical release; VICTORIO. The film has won at the International Film Festival Expresion en Corto 2008, in Guanajuato as Best First Work and Best Actor. It will be released theatrically by 2009 in Mexico.

As an independent producer, he is at the helm of both the creative and business process of each film that DMM produces, from development to release. He is the creative genesis behind each of the films he dedicates himself to.

“A Producer is the creative originator of films, a self-starter who recognizes ideas that have artistic or commercial merit.  A Producer must have passion, sensitivity for story and audience, plus the organizational ability and practical smarts to put together a project, then guide it to and through the Marketplace”.