This is an intensely dramatic story about a mother that will do whatever it takes to save her son, who has been kidnapped by a serial killer. The killer’s avaricious nature sends him into a wild state, leading to powerful greed, deep materialism and terrible instincts that culminate in severe danger.

Eugenia Reygadas
Amancio Orta
Christian Duarte
Written By:

Elizabeth Figueroa

Directed by:

Conrado Martínez

Executive Producer:

Joel Núñez
Tom Mohler

Director of Photography:

Jose Miguel Romero

Art Director:

Miguel Santos

Costume Design:

Ana Laura Santiago

Post-Production Audio:

Adrián Moreno

Edited by:

Andrés Cordero

Special Features:

HD Format, Wide Screen Presentation, Spanish, Stereo 5.1, English Subtitles

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