Love Kills

An attractive cabaret singer with a sensual voice has captivated a scruffy, former police officer, Nick. Their past will lead them to a complicated story of sex, drugs and death.
Do you know who you are sleeping with.

Gabriela Núñez
Raúl Pozos
Hamlet Ramírez
Guillermo Jiménez
Makarenko Guerrero
Enrique Vásquez
Jesús Yep
Carlos Ortega
Imelda García
Francisco Guadarrama
Iván Hernández
José Miguel Romero.
Written By:

Elizabeth Figueroa

Directed by:

José Miguel Romero

Executive Producer:

Joel Núñez

Director of Photography:

José Miguel Romero

Art Director:

Gabriela Guerrero

Costume Design:

Gabriela Guerrero

Post-Production Audio:

Adrián Moreno


Rafael Arcos

Edited by:

Andrés Cordero


Aurora Montes

Special Features:

HD Format, Wide Screen Presentation, Spanish, Stereo 5.1, English Subtitles

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