Orale Guey

Román, Marco and Luis are three small town 25 year old Mexicans, who discover that destiny can change their lives forever in 24 hours. During a wild weekend of partying, they find themselves in a whirlwind of sex, drugs and rock and roll, taking them to extreme life and death situations.

Guillermo Iván Dueñas
Hamlet Ramírez
Enrique Vázquez
Written By:

Raymundo Cebada

Directed by:

Raymundo Cebada

Executive Producer:

Joel Núñez

Director of Photography:

José Miguel Romero

Art Director:

Mario Tafoya

Costume Design:

Gabriela Guerrero

Post-Production Audio:

Adrián Moreno

Edited by:

Andrés Cordero
Juan Carlos Acevedo


Aurora Montes

Special Features:

HD Format, Wide Screen Presentation, Spanish, Stereo 5.1, English Subtitles

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