The Last Silence

A dramatic story about how cruel and brutal a father (who’s a drug dealer) can be in order to prevent his daughter from marrying and living with the man she loves. A story where sex, drugs, violence and infidelity are necessary to survive.

Luis Fernando Peña
Alejandra Adame
Guillermo Quintanilla
Diana Golden
Written by:

Francisco Santos Burgo Mendoza
Gibrán Viradi Ramírez Portela

Directed by:

Jeoshua Gil Delgado

Executive Producer:

Joel Núñez

Director of Photography:

Jeoshua Gil Delgado

Art Director:

Gabriela Guerrero

Custome Design:

Gabriela Guerrero

Post-Production Audio:

Adrián Moreno

Edited by:

Idzin Xaca


Fabiola de la Rosa

Special Features:

HD Format, Wide Screen Presentation, Spanish, Stereo 5.1, English Subtitles

México Spanish Action 88 Min.
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