Victorio is the story of social marginalization and discrimination (Drugs Trafficking, AIDS, Prostitution and Violence). It is also about the search for an exit from an inhumane and hostile world from which every person would want to escape.

Irán Castillo
Luis Fernando Peña
Roberto Sosa
Carmen Salinas
Manuel Ojeda
Guillermo Quintanilla.
Written By:

Elizabeth Figueroa

Directed by:

Alex Noppel

Executive Producer:

Joel Núñez

Director of Photography:

José Miguel Romero

Art Director:

Aurora Montes

Costume Design:

Gabriela Guerrero

Music and Post-Production Audio:

Yohually Vargas

Edited by:

Armando Croda
Alex Noppel
Javier Campos Sayago


Gisel Amezcua

Special Features:

HD Format, Wide Screen Presentation, Spanish, Stereo 5.1, English Subtitles

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